Journal History

This journal grew out of the Ecological Humanities section that appeared in the Australian Humanities Review (AHR) from 2004-2012. This journal section was initially edited by Deborah Rose and Libby Robin, then by Rose and Thom van Dooren.

The final issue was published in May 2012, when this section closed to make way for this new, more internationally inclusive, journal. (AHR itself continues to be published.)

Over the years, the Ecological Humanities section of the AHR published numerous outstanding pieces of scholarship.


Selected special issues

“Unloved Others: Death of the Disregarded in the Time of Extinctions” vol. 50 (May 2011) link

“Writing in the Anthropocene” vol. 47 (November 2009) link

“Ecopoetics and the Ecological Humanities in Australia” vol. 39-40 (2006) link

“Desert Gardens: Waterless lands and the problems of adaptation” vol. 36 (2005) link

“Gregory Bateson and Ecological Aesthetics” vol. 35 (2005) link


Selected key papers/reprints

Mary Graham “Some thoughts about the Philosophical Underpinnings of Aboriginal Worldviews” vol. 45 (2008) link

Tom Griffiths “The Humanities and an Environmentally Sustainable Australia” vol. 43 (2007) link

Deborah Bird Rose and Libby Robin “The Ecological Humanities in Action: An Invitation” vol. 31-2 (2004) link


Val Plumwood

Val Plumwood was one of the key thinkers in the development of the Ecological Humanities both globally and locally in Australia. She was our colleague, and we were honoured to publish several of her significant later essays:

“Nature in the Active Voice” vol. 46 (2009) link

“Shadow Places and the Politics of Dwelling” vol. 44 (2008) link

“Decolonising Australian Gardens: Gardening and the Ethics of Place” vol. 36 (2005) link